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The American Dream Marketing Team in association with Titanium Media is producing ENTREPRENEUR EDITIONS of our documentary series "ONE DAYTWO LEGENDS" about the day The Beatles met Elvis. We have interviewed several famous artists and friends and family of Elvis and The Beatles. The entrepreneurs that purchase a marketing package (Silver or above) are interviewed and asked the same questions we ask the artists like "What is your first memory of Elvis?", "What is your first memory of The Beatles?" etc. and their interviews are interlaced throughout the film and then we produce a "premier" event where a clip of the film is shown to the audience comprised of their family, friends and guests followed by an Elvis and Beatles tribute concert. The entrepreneurs all receive copies of the film based on the size of their package in addition to all the other benefits of marketing services included with their package. The packages are listed on our website AMERICANDREAMMAGAZINE.COM.


A business that is interested in producing their own edition, with no other businesses featured are required to invest a minimum of $50,000 and includes copies of the film based on the following schedule:



One Day Two Legends

Entrepreneur Edition Sample

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