Meet The Producers

Stephanie Rabiola



Stephanie graduated from Columbia College Chicago  with a degree in Film and Video production. She has brought a unique story telling perspective to One Day Two Legends. Her past experiences include working for Chicago's own  AL Media as a producer and production manager. Stephanie has worked on several feature films including One Small Hitch, Precious Mettle and A Green Story as well as many others. No stranger to television, she also lent out her talents as production manager on the PBS series, Pedal America.  Currently, she is the executive producer at Titanium Media. She also serves on the board of Women In Film Chicago.


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Tom Jikomes

Executive Producer



Tom was born and raised in suburban Chicago. Since starting an acrylic display company in 1992, Tom has become an avid entrepreneur. Following a passion for film, he co-created and produced a reality TV show in 2001 and wrote several screenplays and has published a book.

Since meeting "Diamond" Joe Esposito in 2004, Tom decided to act on an idea he developed with partner Stephanie Rabiola about the day The Beatles met Elvis in 1965. In 2008, Tom approached Joe about the idea to document Joe's personal recollection of that famous day. Joe agreed that it was an idea that would make an interesting documentary, as there was no video or audio recordings taken that one and only time the two legends ever met. And so...."One Day Two Legends" was created.

Tom also started his own publication, American Dream Magazine, designed to promote business throughout Chicago land in 2010. He has since been using the magazine as a vehicle to promote the production of the film and is currently branding and marketing the film through the magazine to it's thousands of readers both in print and online.