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The Beatles leaving Elvis's home around 1 am on August 28th, 1965.

One Day Two Legends is a film series about the one and only time the two biggest legends in music history ever met. On August 28th, 1965, at about 10 PM, 2 limousines pulled up to Elvis Presley's estate in Bel Air, CA and several people including Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr stepped out. The four young men from Liverpool, England aka The Beatles walked into Elvis' house where they spent the next 4 hours talking, joking and jamming with their idol, Elvis Presley. The film captures the essence of that meeting through the eyes of Joe Esposito, Elvis' best friend and road manager, who picked The Beatles up in those limos and was there for every minute of that famous meeting. In addition, we have interviewed some famous aritsts, tribute artists and entrepreneurs about their personal stories and memories of Elvis and The Beatles, their influence on their lives and their influence on modern pop culture.

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